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We believe the best service does not need to come at a high price. “Value 4 Money” is the key to a happy customer in our experience.

It is estimated that more than 90% of Heat Pump failures are a result of them not being maintained/serviced regularly. Many people also underestimate the maintenance of their heat pumps.

The biggest cause of poor heat pump performance is due to blocked or clogged filters. Your heat pump will be more effective and use less power if it doesn’t have to struggle with dirty filters, clogged coils etc. The more efficient your heat pump is, the less it will cost you to run it when producing the same amount of heating or cooling. Blocked air filters also reduce airflow, which lower the efficiency and increase noise.

The reason we service the outside coils is because over time they start to get clogged with dirt, grim, leaves, spider webs and liquid faction. Also in some parts of the Bay of Plenty, like Rotorua, they have sulphur issues which can cause damage faster.

With the inside unit we find that although you may clean your filters on a regular basis, the dust, dirt and hair etc still circulate around your home and get caught in and stuck on the coils and drip trays. That can then make your machine work harder, use more energy, shorten your unit’s life span and create an unhealthy home. This can then flair up all sorts of health issues.

We say CLEAR the AIR!

We also use an eco-friendly, bio degradable liquid to loosen coils that haven’t been cleaned for years.


    • Extend the life of your heat pump
    • Prevention of system failure
    • Cleaner and healthier air
    • Improvement of heat pump efficiency
    • Save power = save money
K & T Heat Pump Cleaning Service
K & T Heat Pump Cleaning Service
K & T Heat Pump Cleaning Service

We change all Ventilation filter's.
We Install Supervent Ventilation System's.
We Service all make's and models of Heat Pumps.
We Install Insulation.
We Install Heat Transfer Kits
We Install Extractor Fans

Premium Clean

The unit is stripped, and cleaners and disinfectants are injected to remove the growth of bacteria and improve air flow.

Coils are then sprayed with a coil cleaner, disinfected and sanitised. Treatments are applied to both internal and external units.

ANY signs of mould or mildew and the service will be stopped, and you will be advised to have a Mould Extraction Service.

Service normally take about 40-90 minutes to perform.

We focus on:

    • Filters
    • Condenser coils
    • Evaporator coils
    • Drip Trays
    • Fan Blades
    • Internal & External units
Mould Extraction Clean

This is a very intense Service and only recommended every 3-4 years depending on the usage or if you have a 2+ year build up that has never been done. The service flushes out the entire unit, killing and getting rid of any mould or bacteria living and breeding on your unit.

A contaminated heat pump with a high volume of mould and bacteria can suppress the immune system making this a major Health Hazard.

Mould can build up over 3 months, mostly because of its use in summer whilst using aircon, this builds moisture which mould loves. The mould/mildew can penetrate onto the plastic covering.

The unit is stripped, and high-pressure cleaners and disinfectants are injected to remove mould and fungus. Disinfectants won’t harm your machine or the environment.
​We attach a bag to the heat pump to catch all the dirt and built up debris during the cleaning process. This then flows through a tube into a bucket to allow our customers to see how dirty the unit was.

Service normally takes 90-120 minutes to perform.