• K & T Heat Pump Cleaning Service
  • K & T Heat Pump Cleaning Service
  • K & T Heat Pump Cleaning Service
  • K & T Heat Pump Cleaning Service

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Heat pump servicing is overlooked by many. It is important to service and maintain all components internally and externally. A proper and sufficient clean of your unit requires more than just cleaning the filters. Let us help you get a longer life span out of your heat pump and maintain a clean and safe environment in your home.


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Is your heat pump making you sick????

Hot temperatures and rain are turning air conditioners into potential breeding grounds for bacteria.
Taking care of your air conditioners is something everyone should do, BUT NOW you have another incentive.
Health officials are warning about a dangerous bacteria that may be growing inside the units.
Bacteria and Mould need 3 Essentials ingredients to grow


Mould spores need moist or damp areas to grow and reproduce (example: heat pumps, air conditioning, evaporator coils)

K & T Heat Pump Cleaning Service
Optimum Temperatures

Mould spores thrive in temperatures 0 and 49 degrees Celsius (example: Air conditioning, evaporator coils). Germs are a class of contaminants includes bacteria, molds, mildrew, viruses and other microorganisms. Some germs can trigger allergic reactions, while others can lead to illnesses. Mold and mildrew can also stain walls, give rooms a musty odor and even cause structural damage to your home.


Mould spores need food. Example being: dust, cotton ,leather ,wood,paper products etc ( all of which are returned back to the evaprator coils in an air condtioning system when it's operational). The most dangerous materials mould loves to grow on are porous materials.

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